The Simple Starter Kit gives you a bare-bones website that introduces you to a set of well-defined conventions for building an Umbraco website.

The Simple website is very basic in form and provided without any design or functionality - unless you add a Skin, of course. By installing the Simple Starter Kit, you'll begin with a minimal site built on best practices. You'll also enjoy the benefits of speaking the same "language" as the rest of the Umbraco community by using common properties and naming conventions.

Now that you know what the Simple site is, it is time to get started using Umbraco.

All day Dining

Petit déjeuner, lunch and dinner, all day. Elegant relaxed French dining, all day. Read more

All day Dining close

Occasion Brunch at Broadgate

Join us every Saturday until Saturday 3rd October for an unlimited brunch and free flowing Cointreau Fizz cocktails for just £15 per person available from 11.30 until 16.00. Unlimited small brunch plates and Cointreau Fizz cocktails are available for two hours from your booking time, please quote Cointreau Fizz Brunch when booking.

Occasion Brunch at Broadgate close

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